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"Fragrance of vanilla"

Long whether BAT will be able to retain the audience, attracted only new design tutus - a controversial issue. "Restarting not always led to increased sales of brands in the market have been instances where after reloncha sales volume remained unchanged" - Victor Stefashin comment.

Last year, the tobacco industry went immediately restart two cigarettes. Japan Tobacco International Company updated its Winston brand, by the end of the year its sales increased by about 40%. Quite another situation has been in BAT. Updated Java "Golden" has been unable to increase its consumer audience.

According to Viktor Stefashina, in the case of relonchem of great importance not only to advance the strategy, but purely technological issues. For example, if the smoker feels that after restart cigarettes taste changed for the better, he will almost certainly remain a consumer of cigarettes. If it does not, then, try a novelty, people returned to the products that they bought always.

Perhaps, in that sense, in February, BAT released to the market subbrend Vogue Arome. Above his creation of a research centre worked London company, which has developed a special recipe: tobacco used in cigarettes, marked flavours. Vogue Arome different and design package. Instead of habitual tobacco leaf on the package appeared image flowing pink silk.

It seems that these cigarettes family glamorous Vogue became the pinnacle of chic, which is always appeal to the company. Vogue Arome moving through "naruzhku", as well as through advertisements in glossy magazines. "We tried to convey the aroma of coffee in advertising - tells Maria Bezhanova. -- To do this, use a special flavour varnish. "

Sales of new cigarette started about a week later, after their presentation. In the case of Vogue Arome BAT has used the same reception as when moving Kent updated: the company agreed to sell cigarettes to women's very limited number of outlets. Initially BAT chose the 100-seat sales, which included premium supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, gas complexes. In many conventional shops in a number of cigarettes next to Vogue subbrendami Filter, Menthol, Ultra Lights, Vogue Slims BAT demonstratively left a blank space, hinting that it will soon be filled with novelty. The company claimed that, and will continue to adhere to the strategy of limited distribution of cigarettes.

Even in the price of BAT made it clear that Vogue Arome - "especially exclusive product." If other family this brand cigarettes worth 40 - 45 rubles. (depending on the sale of seats), the aroma - slightly more expensive, about 47 rubles. While prove their exclusivity only at the expense of price - rather precarious path. For example, a competing brand Parliament super slims manufactured by Philip Morris is more expensive Vogue Arom e - about 55 rubles per pack of cigarettes.

However, a BAT has another advantage, which, it was hoped the company, Vogue will help strengthen its leadership position - as is the only flavored cigarettes this class. Maria Bezhanova confident that BAT would become a dictator of taste in this segment.

Competitors BAT has not taken such aggressive marketing steps, as Britons. For example, Philip Morris, and even changed the design of the stack of Virginia Cigarettes, but only by the fact that last year introduced new rules preventing the dangers of smoking. The only thing that made Philip Morris, to be closer to Customers - eased their cigarettes. For example, Virginia Slims Cigarettes sooner had the parameters of the resin / nicotine 12 / 0.9 mg, and after re tutu became 10 / 0.8 mg (Vogue is still easier - in cigarette smoke contains tar and nicotine 7 / 0, 7 mg).

Another female producer of cigarettes, Korea Tobacco & Ginsen, is even greater threat to BAT, as its perennial competitor Philip Morris. The Korean company began selling in Russia, its women's brands Esse about four years ago. The breakthrough they had only last year, came out on top on the volume of imports of cigarettes in Russia. Of the 3 billion pieces of our market, the 700 million - Esse. Now they are approaching cigarette sales to Vogue in kind. According to the head of the "Russian" Tobacco Queen Maxima, this is because the company is working tightly with all channels of distribution, and the price of these cigarettes are about half the cost of Vogue (about 25 rubles per pack of cigarettes).

Secrets of Youth

By 2003, allegedly Bezhanovoy, these cigarettes potrebitelnits received the largest share of its price ranges (above 29 rubles. For the stack). The direct competitors marks were from R1 Reemstma / Imperial Tobacco International and Virginia Slims Cigarettes production Philip Morris. In the same year, multinational manufacturing companies have realized the need for a rapprochement with the dense 18% of Russian fan of tobacco, placing women's cigarette production in Russia. This was quite logical in the context of increasing purchasing power and an increase in demand. "Dear" segment began its rapid development. According to the research company's "Business Analysis", the proportion of premium cigarettes rose from 2.73% in 2002 to 5.59% in 2003 - m. Accordingly, the sale of cigarettes grew and the format of super slims. "Russian tobacco" has calculated that in 2003 residents of Russia vykurili 3.8 billion cigarettes, which at 1.82 billion more than a year ago.

"In the women's segment of cigarettes, a host of new proposals - recalls Maria Bezhanova. -- Vogue could not remain unchanged among emerging temptations, "novelties. In BAT began to notice that Vogue is increasingly perceived as a classic, traditional cigarettes. According Bezhanovoy, it led to adult smokers to mark 30 years of gradually losing its relevance. As a result - since the beginning of 2004, the brand began to stagnate.

In BAT said that did not wait for the fall sales, and pre-prepared to relonchu Vogue. "Normally, cigarette companies restart their marks every 10 - 15 years, which is understandable: consumers used to the product, it requires new experience" - tells about the features of the Chief Market Analysis and Information Service Association "Grandtabak" Victor Stefashin.

To remedy the situation, BAT went to drastic measures. To placate Russian smokers, in the past year, the central office of the company in London has developed a new packaging design. Name of cigarettes moved up from the middle of the stack, and at the same time and appeared to foil inside the package. Internal Frame tutu gained trendy V-shaped notches (in the old version of the framework was direct). The owners changed the brand "handwriting", replacing the "strict" classics "to write to lightly grace." Enter touched the entire line of Vogue - Filter, Menthol, Ultra Lights. In doing so, the changes have not affected the product itself.

In August last year, the company began selling cigarettes updated. First, it faced a difficult task to invite friends Customers cigarettes, not otpugnuv them with a new packaging design. After that the new design was to attract a young audience more smoking. The company already has experience in restarting bonus Kent cigarettes. Then BAT acted revolutionary - seized from the sale of all the old packets and in a limited number of outlets selling cigarettes at the start of the new package. But at the time of restarting Kent, in the post-1999, the company had opportunities to go to such costs. Expensive cigarette smokers were then slightly, and the absence of major competitors allowed to save on advertising.

In the case of Vogue BAT decided to act cautiously - in the market with a large range of proposals any sudden movement could cause a negative reaction from consumers. BAT went to the trick. The first updated tutu ladies' cigarettes sold in colorful plastic packaging with the old design. Only by lifting it could see the novelty. In addition, most specifically for not smoking sharp postcard attached to tutus, soobschavshaya on changes in the look of Vogue.

A month after the opening of sales began advertising support "light" cigarettes as a feather. "Restarting maintained in 30 cities in Russia with the help of outdoor advertising, which was accompanied in the field of advertising sales" - tells Maria Bezhanova. The company also has been used and tested channels moving - events in restaurants and cafes, PR campaigns.

In BAT did not disclose the cost of everything and revitalized brand promotion. "The image of direct contact events cost is high, but the costs of such actions are justified, coupled with a strong PR-support - Give advice from Catherine Sundukova BrandNew Momentum. -- That is, even if the activities have enough for a narrow range of people through the secular chronicle of these events will learn the mass of readers. "

However, in order to the effect of these events has not been in vain, they need to be repeated again and again, with each subsequent event should surpass the previous one. As Sundukova believes that the record itself as an expert in secular, glamorous events, it is necessary to maintain fan interest very windy fashion.

Own minds and are trying to fashion rivals BAT. For example, Virginia Cigarettes brand of cigarettes produced Philip Morris, this year became one of the sponsors of Russian Fashion Week. A Korea Tobacco & Ginsen actively promoted Esse cigarettes during Moscow Fashion Week.

Yet at the Vogue has produced better make friends with the "secular" crowd. "chapurinskogo style heroine - the new girl romantic time, confident and purposeful… Vernye satellites her life - transparent lace favorite cigarette smoke Vogue and rustle of the finest silk" - but describes its "girl" designer Igor Chapurin.

An estimated AC Nielsen, Vogue is now more than 30% of the market and is ahead of its opponents. True, the results are still OEMs within the statistical error: the market share of 1.03% of the total cigarette market in September last year rose to 1.28% in January 2005 - the first in 30 key cities in Russia, where the focus was support for the brand.

Targets of Cigarette Advertising

Virginia Slims Cigarettes cleverly plays on this attitude as well in many of their ads. In one ad, an older, rather Victorian-looking woman is complaining about young women: "Shocking, absolutely shocking, the way young women cavort about these days," and another says, "Tsk. Tsk. Proper, decent women shouldn't have fun in the sun. In fact, they shouldn't have any fun at all." A young woman replies, "Well, shame on me, 'cause I really like to have fun." Certainly these older women are meant to represent mothers, teachers, and other adults who might advise young women, among other things, not to smoke. A rebellious adolescent thus might mistakenly interpret valid advice against smoking as an edict against having fun.

The tobacco industry is attempting to get even more mileage from this image by portraying public-health advocates as anti-smoking fanatics who want to tell everybody else what to do. It seems to be setting health officials and agencies against what it would characterize as the courageous, independent, free-thinking smoker. Thus its extraordinary public-relations campaign attempts to equate smoking with democratic freedom and the criticism of smoking with totalitarianism.

The long-running Virginia Slims Cigarettes campaign (and others similar to it) attempt to make an amazingly ironic equation between liberation and addiction, between freedom of choice and enslavement to tobacco. This equation is particularly self-contradictory, given that nicotine is the most addictive drug known to science, and that at least 85 percent of smokers wish they could quit their addiction. The only equality that smoking has brought to women is that they are now contracting lung cancer at the same rate as men are. One can consider cigarette smoking liberating only if one considers death the ultimate form of freedom.

In addition to the above techniques, ads aimed at women and girls also frequently suggest that cigarettes are a form of weight control. In this way the advertisers are cashing in on the national obsession with excessive thinness for women. A primary reason that many women start and do not quit smoking is their terror of gaining weight. Ads have been playing upon this fear of obesity for a long time. In 1928 the Lucky Strike ads said, "To keep a slender figure, no one can deny . . . Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet."

With a much more well-informed public, the advertisers probably couldn't get away with such an overt and outrageous message today. They can, however, use extremely thin models and copy that includes such words as slim and slender. Virginia Slims Cigaretts new superslims cigarette promises smokers "more than just a sleek shape." A recent campaign for Capri cigarettes features an attractive young woman and the headline, "The slimmest slim in town." This pitch is one major reason that cigarette smoking is on the increase among teenage girls, a group especially susceptible to the obsession with weight.

Always very elegant the ASDS of VirginiaCigarettes.

Always very elegant the ASDS of VirginiaCigarettes.

Virginia Cigarettes Ads

The Virginia Cigarettes is the first as sex appeal in cigarettes advertising.

1971 Virginia Cigarette Slims Ad Plaza Hotel

Virginia Slims Cigarettes - Ad Plaza Hotel

Women and Tobacco: global trends

Studies have shown that the thrust of the tobacco companies' advertising influences the rates of smoking among young women. Thus, Japan has sharply increased in women smokers, with 8.6 per cent in 1986 to 18, 2 percent in 1991, after an aggressive advertising campaign aimed at zhenschin28. In 1988, in South Korea smoked only two per cent of adolescent girls. The following year, after the Mill began to import cigarettes from the United States, and together with them to promote the American way of life, the number of smoking among teenage girls jumped to 9 per cent. In the United States, the number of smokers among teenage girls 12 years old increased by 110 percent over the six years since the advent of the market thin Virginia Slims cigarettes...

Philip Morris uzhal Virginia Slims in a uniquely narrow stack

According to the Director of Publicity of "Philip Morris Seylz end marketing" Fredrika Shtalya, Uno VS uniqueness lies in its packaging: "This superuzkaya tutu (size 2, 8x2, 1 cm -" Business "), each for 20 ultrathin cigarettes." RM experience helped Japanese corporation office, which removed the stack to the local market, divided into two narrow block.

Another innovation, according to representatives of the Republic of Moldova is in the color. Mark Uno VS represented in the pockets of black and white. In doing so, and in so, and in another cigarette will taste the same. "We are sure stereotypes that color tutu indicates stronghold of cigarettes" - explained Managing Brand Group Alexey Lapikov company.

In RM did not disclose the amount of investment in the project. It is known only that the equipment for packing equipment on the Petersburg factory "Philip Morris Izhora", was purchased from a German company Focke. According to the Russian Mission manager Focke Dmitry Pichugina, conventional equipment has been modified slightly, with the value of its little different from traditional machines and amounted to "several million dollars". Recover the cost of the brand in the company will most solvent at the expense of consumers - retail price stack of 40 rubles. Initially, the cigarettes will be sold in Moscow networks ABC "taste" and "gourmet" Globus, as well as supermarkets in St. Petersburg. Deliveries will be implemented in HoReCa. According to "Business" Alexei Lapikov, in the future, to begin at the network "Seventh Continent" and "The Crossing" and about three to four months cigarettes Uno VS may appear in other regions. "Everything will depend on how the brand will be well received by consumers in capitals" - he added.

According to the head of Russian branch continent "Maxima" Queen of tobacco, cigarette manufacturers had long been working on the packaging, its original versions go to win the attention of consumers. "The proposed package is unique, yet there is only one packaging line for such a format" - he explains.

Market participants also noted that the RM can take such a decision, wishing to stop the decline in the proportion of Virginia Slims Cigarettes in a dynamically growing niche. "Segments slims and super slims developed very rapidly in recent increases annually at 80-90%, so it is understandable why the company launches a novelty in this niche - said the top manager of one of the major tobacco companies. -- In addition, these cigarettes belong to the prestigious segment, which is a very high profitability. "
However, the company has not entirely original. In particular, the range of black and white in the package is already in use Gallaher brand Sobranie Black Russian and White Russian. Other competitors Philip Morris also did not lose time. According to "Business" head of the department of consumer marketing "BAT Russia" Mark Herman, in March of the VAT will be novelty - cigarettes Vogue Noire in a black tutu and Vogue Blanche in white. Their price is 80 rubles. for the stack.


Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ads

Always very elegant the ASDS of Virginia Slims Cigarettes.

Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ads

The Virginia Slims Cigarettes is the first as sex appeal in cigarettes advertising.


Just as the feminism movement hit in the late 1960's, The Philip Morris Company introduced San Francisco Bay Area women to a new 'women's only' cigarette. The Leo Burnett Advertising Agency of Chicago produced a series of tongue-in-cheek magazine ads for Virginia Slims Cigarettes that playfully pitted men against women. Phony sepia-toned photos, picturing the sorry lot of a circa 1900's woman, were juxtaposed against color photographs of a far happier modern woman wearing stylish contemporary clothing. The test market began July 30, 1968, then expanded to all fifty states just 28 days later. By 1969, the first full year of Virginia Slims Cigarettes national distribution, sales were a very respectable .9 percent. American women now had a cigarette they could call their own.


Beautiful Carol Alt was one of the women that Virginia Slims Cigarettes featured in their ads during the late 1980s. The classic "You've come a long way, baby" advertising campaign didn't mention or list the different model's names, and Ms. Alt felt that she personally wasn't endorsing the product because she hadn't been identified. Even though Carol Alt was a smoker, she refused to pose for any future Virginia Slims Cigarettes ads when she realized that her picture alone was recognition enough for some of her fans to feel that she was endorsing cigarettes. This decision cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages.

Virginia Slims Cigarettes sexy

In 1968, Philip Morris marketed Virginia Slims Cigarettes to women with an advertising strategy showing canny insight into the importance of the emerging women's movement. The slogan "You've come a long way, Baby" later gave way to "It's a woman thing" in the mid-1990s, and more recently the "Find your voice" campaign featuring women of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. The underlying message of these campaigns has been that smoking is related to women's freedom, emancipation, and empowerment.


The attractive women who modeled for Virginia Slims Cigarettes weren't always successful in introducing new line extensions. Virginia Slims Ovals were unsuccessfully test marketed in Rochester, Las Vegas, and Birmingham beginning June 1984. Another short lived idea was to package VS in a supposedly convenient ten pack. In October 1975 Philip Morris was the first manufacturer to extend the 120mm length to a major brand. Virginia Slims Cigarettes 120's were tested in Fresno, California, but withdrawn when sales failed to meet expectations. It wasn't until 1985 that super long Virginia Slims Lights 120's were found acceptable. One VS line extension brought out in the late 1980s was smiled upon by women, but scorned by a competing manufacturer. Philip Morris launched Superslims from Virginia Slims Cigarettes beginning October 1989. The Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation had been selling super thin Capri since January 1987, and frowned when another skinny smoke was introduced. That same year I received a letter from a lawyer with a NYC law firm that was representing Philip Morris. I was asked if there had been any cigarettes made before 1987 that had a very, very small diameter. Did you know that Benson & Hedges marketed Russian No. 3 cigarettes during the 1930's with a smaller diameter than Capri?


The two page color magazine ad for Virginia Slims tennis comes from the Dec. 1982 / Jan. 1983 issue of Sports Illustrated. Newspapers were used to advertise the local matches. A $100 box seat ticket that was good for all sessions at the Oakland Coliseum during February 1983, came with free parking. The Philip Morris Company's early sponsorship of women's tennis helped assure today's American women an equal opportunity in sports.

Virginia Slims Cigarettes

Virginia Slims Cigarettes brand is a creation of Philip Morris. Virginia Slims belongs to decorative brands, focused strictly on young professional women. Virginia Slims Cigarettes are much narrower (23mm circumference) than ordinary cigarettes (hence, "Slims"), and are also longer than normal "king-sized" cigarettes, sold only in longer 100s and 120s, to give the cigarettes a more "elegant" appearance.

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1988 Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ads

1981 Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ads

1980 Virginbia Slims Cigarettes Ads

1980 Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ads

1979 Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ads

1977 Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ads

1977 Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ads

1977 Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ads

1985 Virginia Slims Cigarettes Ads

Virginia Slims

1978 Virginia Slims magazine ad. The image at the top is a photograph of a woman hanging laundry outside. The ad text reads: "Back then, every man gave his wife at least one day a week out of the house. You've come a long way, baby. Virginia Slims – Slimmer than the fat cigarettes men smoke."

Virginia Slims Cigarettes are a brand of cigarette manufactured by Philip Morris. The brand was introduced in 1968 and directly marketed to young, professional women, under the famous slogan, "You've come a long way, baby." Some media watch groups considered this Virginia Slims Cigarettes marketing campaign to be responsible for a rapid increase in smoking among teenage girls. Later campaigns have used the slogans, "It's a woman thing," in the 1990s, and "Find your voice." A report by the Surgeon General of the United States has interpreted these marketing strategies as attempting to link smoking "to women's freedom, emancipation, and empowerment." This report also tied the increase of smoking among teenage girls to rises in sales of Virginia Slims Cigarettes and other "niche" brands marketed directly to women.

Virginia Slims are much narrower (23mm circumference) than ordinary cigarettes (hence, "Slims"), and are also longer than normal "king-sized" cigarettes (which are 84mm), sold only in longer 100mm and 120mm lengths, to give the cigarettes a more "elegant" appearance and ostensibly to reduce the amount of smoke they produce. They are also sold in "Superslims", "light," "ultra-light," and menthol varieties. The packaging is white with vertical colored stripes running along the left side.


Virginia Slims Cigarettes was introduced in September of 1968 by Philip Morris, and marketed as a female-oriented spinoff to their Benson and Hedges brand. The blends, flavorings, color scheme, and overall marketing concepts closely follow the Benson and Hedges model. Early packs (1968-1978) said Benson and Hedges (near the bottom).

The first test-market was in San Francisco, California. The test was originally scheduled for six months, but was cut short after 3 1/2 months due to the overwhelming success of the introduction - a nearly 3% market penetration. Shortly thereafter, distribution and marketing was implemented on a nationwide basis.
  • In 1976, a 120-mm full-flavor packing was test-marketed in Fresno, California. Designed to compete with RJ Reynolds 'More' brand, the test ultimately failed and this entry was withdrawn.
  • In 1978, Virginia Slims Lights were introduced, with good success. Although early marketing concepts included soft pack, Philip Morris decided to go exclusively with a box-pack design.
Throughout the early 80's, growth and market penetration was significant, drawing the attention of competitors who introduced their own competing brands (including American Tobacco Company's Misty and Brown and Williamson's Capri brands).
  • In 1984, Virginia Slims Ovals were test-marketed, but were unsuccessful and eventually withdrawn. Ovals were light, and had an oval-shaped circumference.
  • In 1985, Virginia Slims Luxury Light 120's were introduced - a 120 mm length packing again intended to compete with RJ Reynolds 'More' brand, as well as other 120's now on the market. The introduction was successful. This packing has since become a mainstay of the smoking glamour community. It is arguable as to whether VS120's are truly 'light', since their rating numbers compare more closely to full-flavor.
  • In 1987, Ultra-Light 100's were introduced, in keeping with changing consumer tastes, other competitive entries, and the Benson and Hedges model. Marginally successful, this packing remains on the market today.
  • In 1990, Ultra-Light SuperSlim 100's were introduced, in response to ultra-thin (21mm circumference) competition and consumer demand for a 'low-smoke' product entry. These were also marginally successful, and remain on the market.
  • In 1993, a 10-Pack version of Light 100's were introduced, with 10 cigarettes per pack, and costing approximately half the price of a 20-pack. This entry met with limited success and came under some attack from critics. It was ultimately withdrawn.
  • In 1994, Virginia Slims Kings (85mm length) were designed as a discount entry and possibly to compete with other king-size entries such as RJ Reynolds' Camel brand. It is not clear whether Kings were ever test-marketed, but they were never introduced.
  • In 2003, a box-pack was introduced for full-flavor 100's, in response to consumer demand.
  • In 2004, Ultra-Light 120's were introduced with marginal success. It is likely that this packing will continue to be supported.

All packings were simultaneously introduced in both Menthol and Non-menthol (e.g., Regular or Filter) varieties. Menthol usually represents 45%-55% of the total sales of a particular packing.

In all, there have been 11 packings introduced or test-marketed in the U.S., of which 7 are still on the market. There are other varieties marketed internationally; specifically, entries marketed in the Asian-Pacific region, Russia, and South Africa. Virginia SlimsCigarettes has never had a significant European or South American presence.


From inception, Virginia Slims Cigarettes have been designed and marketed as a female-oriented brand, generally targeted towards a younger demographic (18-35 year olds). While various themes have emerged in the marketing campaigns over the years, the basic threads have been independence, liberation, slimness, attractiveness, glamour, style, taste, and a contrast to men's cigarettes.

Television and print ads often featured well-known models and designer fashions. Print ads were generally placed in women's magazines, and formed the mainstay of the marketing campaign, supplemented with billboards and point-of-purchase displays. From 1969 until 1971, television advertising was an important component.

Virginia Slims Cigarettes also sponsored the Women's Tennis circuit. This sponsorship is sometimes credited for the growth and success of women's tennis during the 70's and early 80's.

Several other, less important, marketing vehicles were employed, such as the Virginia Slims Book of Days (a day timer/calendar book), fashion shows, and an extensive line of products, apparel, and accessories available to consumers.

The Leo Burnett advertising agency handled the Virginia Slims Cigarettes account throughout most of the product lifetime.

While marketing has been focused on women 18+, there has been a large growth in the 13-17 age range for Female VS120 smokers.

Market share

From its inception until 1978, Virginia Slims Cigarettes saw a steady increase in market share to 1.75% (3.9% of all female smokers). With the introduction of Lights in 1978, the market share increased to 2.5%. Other packings, including 120's, Ultra Lights, and Superslims helped push the market share to a peak of 3.1% (nearly 7% of female smokers) in 1989. With increased competition from other brands, notable Capri and Misty, the brand lost ground but stabilized at around 2.4% though 2003. Since then, it has lost about .1% per year, and was 2.0% in 2007. This slow but steady decline is expected to continue, since the brand is no longer heavily promoted. Despite this, brand loyalty is well-above average, and is still one of the highest in the industry.

Virginia Slims Cigarette Brand

Virginia Slims Cigarettes brand was instituted in 1968 by Philip Morris. Virginia Slims Cigarettes belongs to decorative brands, focused strictly on young professional women. Virginia Slims Cigarettes are much narrower (23mm circumference) than ordinary cigarettes (hence, “Slims”), and are also longer than normal “king-sized” cigarettes, sold only in longer 100s and 120s, to give the cigarettes a more “elegant” appearance and avowedly to reduce the amount of smoke they produce.