Virginia Slims- women cigarette

Virginia Slims is a brand of cigarettes manufactured by Philip Morris. The brand was introduced in 1968. Virginia Slims belongs to decorative brands, focused strictly on young professional women. This smoking cigarette becomes one of the famous lady-brands that put the first stone in the Cigarette Production at the beginning of XX century that come together with the women’s affirmation as personalities, a women's smoking began to symbolize emancipation and feminism. This message was expressed on the first Virginia Slims pack of cigarettes: “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”.Some sources ascribe the growth of smoking level among young ladies to these cigarettes.
Later campaigns have used the slogans, "It's a woman thing," in the 1990s, and "Find your voice." A report by the Surgeon General of the United States has interpreted these marketing strategies as attempting to link smoking "to women's freedom, emancipation, and empowerment." This report also tied the increase of smoking among teenage girls to rises in sales of Virginia Slims cigarettes and other "niche" brands marketed directly to women. Virginia Slims cigarettes are much narrower (23mm circumference) than ordinary cigarettes (hence, "Slims"), and are also longer than normal "king-sized" cigarettes, sold only in longer 100s and 120s, to give the cigarettes a more "elegant" appearance and ostensibly to reduce the amount of smoke they produce.

It was a real revolution and innovation that characterize the women spirit: to be different from others, to be first and unique. It gets more elegant “form”.Also, the Virginia Slims cigarettes can be easily distinguished through its dainty and elegance packing. It is a combination where prevail white color with colored stripes that run across the package. It proves delicate sense of “Virginia Slims” cigarettes. The refined design and fine flavor of this smoking product will find the partner in every woman. This brand is born to be near each lady at every moment of her life. Make yourself different and taste the cigarette that makes the world change in one moment.
Virginia Slims is the brand of tobacco cigarettes that illustrates the elegance and freedom of women. Its form, size and flavor always make themselves noticed. This lady-brand has a light taste and soft aroma. Due to its slimmest, smoking Virginia Slims cigarette you will experience the savor that cannot be explained and compared with no other cigs. This American tobacco is the nonconformist volume and form of the ordinary things. Virginia Slims cigarettes are real women thing.

Virginia Slims Super Slims Purse Packs will introduce a smaller indiameter cigarette in a pink; sleek rectangular package with square ends. Virginia Slims Super Slims Ultra Lights and Virginia Slims Super Slims Lights will be offered in the purse packs, each pack contains 20 cigarettes. In 2006 Virginia Slims introduced the split pack trend in Japan, making the purse pack two ten count packs out of one for women to carry in small purses.

Cigarette Advertisements and Women

Since World War II (1939-45), the cigarette companies have been trying to get women to smoke. Through ads, smoking has been pictured as going along with independence, careers, sexual freedom, as well as beauty. Since the 1970's, Virginia Slims ads have said, "You've come a long way, baby." Ultra Slims, the long thin cigarettes, were made for women. In ads of these types of cigarettes, the women look very thin to give the idea that smoking will not make a person fat. Cigarette ads appear in most women's magazines, such as Glamour, Redbook, Working Women, Cosmopolitan, People, and Vogue.
Cigarettes are heavily advertised in African-American magazines too. Ebony, Jet, and Essence magazines have ads showing beautiful and handsome Black men and women smoking. Outdoor billboards have been another way for tobacco companies to reach African-Americans. The number of outdoor billboards advertising cigarettes is four times higher in Black communities than in White communities. Cigarette companies target mentholated cigarettes to Blacks. Newports, Kools, and Salems are very popular brands among African-Americans. Because mentholated cigarettes can be inhaled deeper into the lungs, they are more dangerous than non-mentholated ones.
Whether they were made for teens, women, or African-Americans, all cigarette ads have the same message: smoking is fun, healthy, and attractive. Ads show men who look masculine or manly, hip, cool, adventurous, mature, and strong. Women look sexy, stylish, beautiful, glamorous, relaxed, secure, and independent. Many ads show athletic people who are wind surfers, aerobic dancers, motor cycle racers, horseback riders, roller bladers, and basketball players.
Cigarette ads give the impression that smokers are "Alive with pleasure" and that smoking is good for you. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The U.S. government has labelled cigarettes as a dangerous drug that causes lung cancer, heart disease, and many other serious illnesses and conditions. Many people all over the country are talking about whether tobacco companies should be allowed to advertise cigarettes or even to make cigarettes.