Marboro stories. Cowboy Marlboro

"Mild as May" was the advertising campaign used cigarettes Marlboro, before they added a filtered tip to their product. Brands of cigarettes

Marlboro, originally targeted at a female audience through a series of ads in 1926 showing the women's hand reaching for a cigarette product was

endorsed by Mae West and in the market to women.

One of the features of Marlboro cigarettes at the time was a red tip, which hid lipstick marks that women would be left with smoking.

Philip Morris, with a cowboy Marlboro, has capitalized on the fact that the cigarette advertising industry realized as the unique quality of its


This campaign was dropped in favor of a more masculine Marlboro Man campaign. In the early 1960's Philip Morris invented "Country Marlboro" and

distilled their manly imagery into reliable Cowboy known as the "Marlboro Man." Cigarettes Marlboro quickly gained market share and saw their

sales increase 5,000% within 8 months from the date of ad campaign premiered.

Marlboro ads are presented in red, American cowboy and western lands of Marlboro. These elements are well known as Marlboro Country, even without

reference to a slogan or brand. As a cowboy in the holster at his favorite gun packaging makes a statement. It is anticipated that the average

smoker removes his cigarettes 20-25 times a day.